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The best way to describe one is a woods enduro race with trials obstacles mixed in. Lightweight two-stroke dirt bikes with massive ground clearance and tiny 2-gallon fuel tanks rule the field.

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So what happens when you show up with one of the largest Adventure Touring Bikes ever produced? Photo Courtesy Brenda Priebe. So how did it go?

For showing people its not the bike, all bikes are great.

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Its the rider. And most of all the challenge. While a few pros had entered similar enduro races on big bikes in the past, no one had done it on anything as large as a BMW RGS Adventure. And the fact that Tom would be doing it as a privateer, at 49 years of age, made the challenge even bigger.

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Unfortunately, he would be disappointed because signups were already filled up. But a few friends lobbied on his behalf and three weeks prior to the start, race organizers offered him a spot. But he put his head down and got straight to work running and lifting weights. Yet his physical fitness regimen would be cut short after only one week due to a work obligation that would take him out of the country.

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He returned home just two days before the race with just enough time to rush his bike over to Hourglass Cycles a local shop sponsoring him to get his GSA prepped for the race. AltRider lower crash bars, AltRider Skidplate and a Skunkwerks final drive protector were also added to armor the bike. The team got the GSA prepped just in time for the race, stripping off unnecessary parts and adding off-road suzuki drz400e pierdere în greutate.

Photo courtesy Jim Bean The team removed just about everything that was not needed for a race including the passenger seat and pegs, luggage racks, mud guard, front fender, windshield, air deflectors, turn signals and license plate holder in an effort to drop as much weight as possible.

Removal of all the parts saved roughly 40 pounds and filling the big 8. Race Day Arrives. Jitters aside, Tom would keep his mind focused on his goal: qualify for the main event. His strategy? Not take it like a race. Keep a slow and steady pace and conserve energy for the tough sections. Lining up on the grid, Tom stood out like a sore thumb with his giant 1,cc adventure bike.

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After recent rains, the big GSA struggled for traction on a rocky course covered in slick mud. It was constant work with no time to rest and tricky obstacles constantly coming. Tom had to take extra precaution in the rocky sections with two giant cylinders protruding from the sides.

It was a complete frenzy in the tough sections of the course. Many riders would jump off their bikes and push their way out of a bad situation. He would have to rely solely on technique for every challenge. Navigating through a sea of riders stuck on the trail made it difficult to maintain momentum for the hill climbs.

Eventually, the effects of wrestling with a big bike began to set in. It would be the race cut off time that would end his day. End of a Race Not the Dream Photo Courtesy Jim Bean Tom and another other competitors would not complete the qualifying lap on Saturday, but a high attrition rate was to be expected in the 4th toughest Extreme Enduro in the world.

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The huge cheers from the crowd suzuki drz400e pierdere în greutate high fives from other riders were more than enough reward for his efforts. And achieving his goal at 50 will make victory taste all the more sweet! Equipping your bike for adventure travel can be a lengthy and expensive process. One of the easiest and least expensive upgrades you can make is adding a top rack. This simple add-on greatly improves cargo carrying capability by allowing you to attach a variety of different items to your motorcycle, whether it be for running errands around town or traveling across the country.

Tusk is an accessories maker that is known for building durable and reasonable priced products for Adventure and Dual Sport motorcycles. All are bike-specific designs, following the lines of the motorcycle to maintain the aesthetics of the bike. They feature multiple laser-cut holes and slots that make it easy to tie-down a range of different loads securely. And a hard powder-coat finish offers a clean look that is resistant to wear and tear.

Our installation went smoothly thanks to the clear instructions included.

suzuki drz400e pierdere în greutate

It does require drilling a few holes in the bodywork but otherwise, putting on the Tusk Top Rack is fairly straightforward and simple enough for someone with basic mechanic skills to complete the job.

For its first trip, we loaded it up for a rugged 1,mile adventure ride through Southeast Utah. Overloading the rear of a KTM Enduro is always a bit of concern because of its lack of a true subframe but we had no trouble attaching an auxiliary fuel canister and a duffel bag to the rack during the trip. The large holes on the rack made it easy to route mounting straps for a top bag cel mai bun pantaloni scurți de jean there were many options for hooking on a cargo net when carrying odd-shapped loads like firewood or beverages to camp.

suzuki drz400e pierdere în greutate

Additionally, the rack has ample room to accommodate many styles of top bags, a top case or a RotopaX auxiliary fuel container. Large cutouts in the Tusk Rack make it easy to route mounting straps or hook on odd-shaped loads with a cargo net. Who is it For?

Anyone that wants to improve the cargo carrying capacity of their bike with a simple, durable and spacious top rack. And while not overly flashy, it looks good on the bike and does exactly what you need it to do.

What We Liked Quality product at a great price. Durable enough for off-road use.

Adica sa repetam luxul pe care l am avut in Meknes, de a merge in oras cu motorul usurat considerabil, a cauta o parcare pazita si a lasa echipamentul in grija parcagiului pentru un bacsis si a putea sa fim si noi pietoni pentru cateva ore, in papuci si pantaloni de carpa.

Nice powder-coated finish. Quick and painless installation. What Could Be Improved Angled sides would help free up more top surface area for cargo. Sincehe has been riding dual sport and adventure bikes all over the Midwest, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Moab, Baja, Alaska and many other places in between.

suzuki drz400e pierdere în greutate

He shares his experiences through the photography, videos and stories he produces from his trips. Their combination of carrying capacity and ease of use make them ideal for longer trips. Now Giant Loop has a new option for long-distance off-road travelers — the Siskiyou Panniers.

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Siskiyou Panniers look and operate much like a traditional set of hard panniers with tops that flip open from the side. They are also loaded with convenience features like mesh storage panels under each flip-open top, big front pockets and inner water-proof bags. But what really sets them apart is their universal mount design.

Cele mai multe sunt diametrul scaunului de mm.

The Siskiyou Panniers fit a variety of different Adventure Motorcycles, even those without pannier racks.

Heavy-duty mounting and tension straps are solidly attached to help ensure years of trouble free use. And for the street, reflective piping runs along the sides for improved nighttime visibility. Each bag is joined together by large Velcro-covered panels in the center and reinforced with two cross straps for a very strong attachment. Throw the joined bags over the rear of the bike and adjust the distance and angle between each bag for the dimensions of the bike.

Each bag is joined in the middle with overlapping velcro panels and two cross straps to provide a strong attachment and loads of adjustability for different sized bikes. Next secure the bags with two front mounting straps attached to the passenger peg mounts, then the rear is attached with included Velcro strips that are cut to size.

The underside of suzuki drz400e pierdere în suzuki drz400e pierdere în greutate bag is lined with daisy-chain loops that offer a variety of attachment points for securing it to the side of the bike e. And two heat shields are suzuki drz400e pierdere în greutate to ensure the bags are protected from coming in contact with a hot exhaust. We got a secure fit on all four applications, but we did notice on rough technical trails that the rear Velcro straps have the potential to slip.

suzuki drz400e pierdere în greutate

Replacing the Velcro straps with a set of locking Pronghorn Straps solves the problem. Getting a perfectly symmetric alignment of right and left bags is not always possible on single-exhaust bikes without racks, but that did not affect secure fitment.

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Optional Pronghorn Straps left provide a more secure attachment than Velcro right. Getting into a bag requires opening two snap buckles that hold the top closed. Flip up the top and a dust liner with a set of snap buckles and a zipper must be opened to gain access to the interior. Waterproof inner bags with a roll-top design completely seal out water and offer a handy carrying case to transport your gear into a hotel or tent.

You can bypass the dust cover by keeping it unzipped and pushing it down for quick access to the inner dry bag. One advantage suzuki drz400e pierdere în greutate riding off-road with the Siskiyou Panniers is that they are large enough that you can often suzuki drz400e pierdere în greutate a top bag on shorter trips.

In this configuration, you can position your body far back on the bike when you encounter difficult off-road terrain. At the same time, there is plenty of leg room and the bags keep the weight down low on the bike for better slow speed maneuverability. Durability has also been very good. During thousands of miles of testing, we had more than a few mishaps in the dirt and the Siskyous still show no signs of stress or duress, only a few faint brush marks.

Suzuki drz400e pierdere în greutate you need more capacity for longer trips, the top panel that joins the two bags includes multiple lash points for attaching extra gear.

suzuki drz400e pierdere în greutate

Tension straps on the pannier tops can also be used to secure additional items e. And with the bags positioned as far back as possible, there is ample room for both a passenger and a top bag, as long as the bike has a decent-sized top rack. Giant Loop put a lot of nice touches on the Siskiyou Panniers like the mesh storage panels on the inside of each top.

suzuki drz400e pierdere în greutate

Suzuki drz400e pierdere în greutate found this pocket to be a convenient place to keep maps or other paperwork. On the front of each pannier, there is also a large pocket with a drawstring closure that is perfectly sized for are kellogg s k ajutor în pierderea în greutate water, fuel, oil bottles, or anything else you need quick access to snacks, tools, first aid kit, etc.

Who Are They For Adventure Bike Riders that spend significant time in the dirt and want the convenience of large-capacity, top-loading panniers with the durability and lighter weight of a rackless soft luggage system.