Back in the Paleozoic Era, when about the age of 6, he took the stage in the national competitions Cântarea României, where he won the categories Best story teller and, respectively, Best reciter.

Meanwhile, he has attended numerous trainings and courses, organizing, collaborating and delivering over 700 distinct programmes, outdoor, indoor and mixdoor team building, training and personal development, interacting directly with more than 20.000 participants, over a period of more than 10 years of sustained activity. The most recent programmes to which he contributed are Lead yourself through change, a complex international top management leadership programme, and National School for Women Managers, where over a period of 2 years, he has delivered entrepreneurship abilities through indoor and outdoor trainings to a target group of more than 1200 participants from all over the country.

Currently he is head trainer at SOLARIS Training&Coaching.

Starting with 2007 he is project manager, senior trainer and partner at Vertical Adventure.

He delivers outdoor, indoor and mixdoor experiential learning programmes since 2005.

He performs as a trainer from 2003.

He is certified as a Trainer by CNFPA (currently ANC – National Authority for Certification).

He is trained and/or specialized, as the case, in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis, Coaching, Parapsychology, Negotiation, Group dynamics, Stroke Power, Psycho-nouso-somatics techniques, Hypnosis and Meditation techniques.

He has a bachelor degree in Political and Administrative Sciences, with the paper Subliminal Persuasion Techniques from 2003.

Opinion, attitude and behavior maker, speaker, social facilitator, leader, good communicator, manifesting flexibility, as well as a remarkable ability to learn and adapt, achieved through participating and/or organizing numerous mountain adventure competitions and expeditions at high altitude, in extreme conditions, on various continents.

Among his passions are, in addition to developing and training people, rafting (being the first Romanian certified by the International Rafting Federation as Trip leader WW class III), as well as mountaineering (having climbed the most spectacular peak in Europe (Matterhorn 4478m), as well as the highest peaks on the south-American continent (Aconcagua 6962m), African continent (Kilimanjaro 5895m), and the highest peak in North Africa (Toubkal 4167m)).