Articles about our previous Kilimanjaro Expeditions
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he proposed me a date. a different kind of date: to join him on a big expedition….it just seemed an impossible dream. I so much wanted to share such a valuable memory, that I decided I would manage to follow him by any means. I gave up unnecessary expenses, sleepless nights and I started to live more beautifully. I pushed my body and I reached the desired results to have to strength to climb the summit.
we supported and encouraged each other, and enjoyed, to the fullest, the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen. we were enormously happy when we conquered the summit. our joy was thus double, and still is, whenever we think of it. I wouldn’t have made it alone. I realized that the most important thing is to have beside you a person who makes you feel whole, who helps you discover yourself and reach higher. as high as possible.
I finally said “YES” to a different kind of date. And a little bit further away...on Kilimanjaro!

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I return in the past on the Titanic (not ship, but) mountain and the first image that pops up in my mind is our team around the evening table, in the tent prepared by the porters. I liked the atmosphere a lot, at the end of the day, waiting for dinner, when we shared impressions, lessons, thoughts and jokes, as a reaction to the line “tomorrow you will climb more, it will be colder and less oxygen, but you will do great”. ha, ha! you’re joking, right?
I became aware of the greatest benefit of this expedition, namely obtaining an extraordinarily amplified resonance within the team, even at subtle levels, built across the expedition. the supreme proof being that in those seconds we were all thinking the same…
On Kili's tracks

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we were going in what was to become the adventure of our lives, as beautiful as it was hard.
it was hard, extremely hard! the most exhausting experience I have ever lived. I had the weirdest states, because my mind was giving orders, but my body wasn’t reacting. exhausted I cried, being upset, when seeing how much we still had to climb, and I cried with gladness when seeing how much we had already covered. despite all of these, it seems that when the psyche is healthy, nothing is impossible!
am proud of myself, my beloved and the entire team! I realized that anything is possible, if you truly want it. we alone limit ourselves and refuse to climb out of our comfort zone. great lose, since the satisfaction offered by such an accomplishment cannot be expressed in words!
And since I made it to Kilimanjaro, I can make it anywhere!

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what makes any of us, people, in general, climb a mountain, search the spring of a river, go to the Poles or to the depths of the seas? for me it’s a combination of wanting to explore and challenging myself to go further, to prove to myself that I can, to be better tomorrow than I am today. in particular climbing Kilimanjaro is also about the promise of the most beautiful sunrise in the world, from Stella Point, 5685 m.
after the first hours of climbing, “breath, walk, breath, walk” became a mantra. somehow the body was listening to the two commands, but I couldn’t say I had energy for many other thoughts between them. breath and walk. we reached 5000 meters. a new threshold. I should enjoy it. breath and walk. are we there yet? we still have to climb. breath and walk. breaaaak! how good it is to sit down, even for a short while. come, get up, we are running late. breath and walk. one foot in front of the other. finally, the sun started to rise, this means we are close to the most beautiful sunrise in the world. breath and walk. it is truly beautiful. there’s just a bit more to Uhuru. breath and walk. just a bit more, I have made it to here, I can’t stop. I continue walking. step after step. breath and walk. when did an hour pass? I don’t know, but I’m on the summit. the view is superb.
Breath and walk